PRC Come Here To Work But Don’t Know English, Insist Everyone Speak Chinese!

How would you feel if you are refused service in your own country? A Singaporean named Abdul Salam Salim had such an experience recently. He wanted to get a haircut at QC House in Woodlands but the hairdresser, who is a Chinese national, refused to cut his hair. He demanded that he speak in Chinese to get a haircut. Can you believe that?

“I told him nicely in basic English to ‘just cut short’ and even showed him a basic haircut photo from my phone; he still kept asking me to leave the shop.”

All he wanted was a simple haircut. It’s stupid that he had a fight with the barber just because he didn’t know Chinese. In the first place, shouldn’t foreigners who work here have basic knowledge of English?

Netizens expressed their shock and frustration at the PRC national: “Our country has become a money machine colony. All just for economic consideration. Our local culture is long gone. Even food stalls are slowly being colonized by foreigners!”

Singapore is a multi-racial nation and no one should insist on their own language in jobs that are not language-specific. This is not the direction we want our nation to move towards. This issue must reach the authorities and they must get down to it. If not, these foreigners will think that they can bully locals and get away with it! Is it because they Chinese?

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