I Don’t Help My Husband With Chores As I Can’t Leave Work At 5pm, It’s Gender Discrimination!

A woman who wanted to show off how proud she was of her husband ended up getting slammed by netizens instead.

She posted on Reddit about the things her husband does for her everyday. Both of them are working, but the husband is the one who brings their children to school, fetch them home in the evening, cook dinner, and bring them out on weekends. He also pays for most of the bills in the house so she can spend her salary on whatever she wants to buy.

She thought her comment would be well-liked, but netizens were disgusted by how entitled she is. They felt that she should contribute more to help her husband as marriage is not just about one person doing everything.

The woman was shocked that there were comments against her. She defended herself by saying that her husband has time because he’s working from home, while she has to painstakingly wake up early to go to work. She said her husband doesn’t even give her any allowance, unlike her friends’ husbands.

She claimed that if her workplace was more inclusive and allowed her to leave early, she could’ve helped out more. In the end, she thinks the problem is due to gender discrimination in the workplace.

In other words, women like her are discriminated because they must be allowed to earn more, travel less for work, and be able to leave office early everyday. Do you agree? Do you think that if she had all this, she’ll take some load off her husband’s shoulders? Are netizens overreacting?

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