Help, I’ve Had Enough Of This Ninja Van Delivery Man! What Should I Do?

It has been in the news for a few weeks now how unprofessional some delivery people are. Netizens have shared stories of how their packages were mindlessly thrown at their front door, blocking them when they want to collect the items, or how they had their food careless thrown on the floor.

The most recent is a case of a delivery guy from Ninja Van who anyhow throw packages on the floor. From a FB post by “Viva La Vida”, he gave the delivery man instructions to leave it on his shoe rack, which is right outside the door. Instead of following instructions, the delivery man dropped his items to his whim and fancy.

The complainant mentioned that it isn’t the first time. “It’s not like my shoe cabinet is way too far off or too small to find! And the delivery person rather bend the waist (to throw her items on the floor) compared to standing upright to place them on top the cabinet?!?!?!”

Frustrated, he wrote many times to Ninja Van but to his shock, there was no customer service whatsoever. There was no reaction from them. Until now, he is still waiting for an answer.

Singaporeans pay for delivery. It’s only right that they perform their service properly. Unfortunately, there is increasingly no sense of service and accountability. Is this how they treat customers? Do you think it’s acceptable that they let delivery riders mishandle our items and get away with it?

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