Singaporeans Pissed Off By Rising Food Prices, Things Are Getting More ‘Bo Hua’!

The reason why Singaporeans like hawker food is because of its authenticity, taste and pricing. With rising costs all around, even hawkers are increasing the prices of food that used to be more affordable.

Singaporeans understand that hawkers have to keep up with the times so that they can earn their share. But if they increase their prices AND still give less ingredients, it annoys customers.

A FB post by Jayne Lee showed her disappointment towards a hawker’s food. She apparently ordered a plate of Char Kway Teow from Tanglin Halt hawker center. To her displeasure, her Char Kway Teow only had two very thin slices of Chinese sausages, two tiny slices of fish cake, a bit of egg and one pathetic cockle.

Jayne made it clear in her post that the portion didn’t justify the price. This is not the first time people are complaining about paying more for food that are not worth it. The rate at which prices are going up is ridiculous. Are the authorities even doing anything to regulate it? Why are we increasingly paying more just to get less? It doesn’t make sense!

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