Netizens Bite Back At Woman Who Took Video Of Ryde Driver Sleeping While Driving

Are Ryde drivers overworked? According to a post on FB Complaint Singapore, a passenger who took Ryde to work a few days ago was horrified when she found the driver shutting his eyes while driving. She said that he did it at least 3 times!

The ride turned out to an absolute nightmare for her. However, commenters on FB were quick to side with the driver. Many of them asked why she didn’t talk to the driver about the situation instead of recording a video about it – like it will solve anything?

The passenger explained that she was too scared, which is strange, as talking to the driver directly would have made him more awake!

A few people actually empathised with her and said that they have encountered similar incidents.

Should Ryde look into the matter? Should it take action? What would you do and how would you have done it differently if you met a driver like this?

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