Bad Behaviour At Food Courts: Why Are Some People Ok With Being Disgusting?

In recent months, we have encountered people who have no shame in being gross in public. This is especially true in food courts where everyone is eating.

In one instance, someone posted photos of a kid jumping on a table at the food court. While the child can be excused, her parent/guardian was completely ignorant about it and did not do anything to stop her. Many netizens were quick to disapprove of their behaviour as both of them were disruptive and a nuisance.

Another incident that grabbed attention was a video on Singapore Incidents FB, which showed how uncivilised a woman was when she washed her spoon by the table. She could be seen pouring water over it without so much as getting up from her seat or caring if her actions were inappropriate. She could have walked over to a nearby washing point right?

Why are there so many incidents of bad behaviour in food courts recently? Why are some people so disrespectful nowadays? Are there measures put in place for the food court management to have the right to stop them? If not, we’ll be seeing many more of such instances and getting more disgusted!

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