NParks, Return Our Taxpayers Money If You’re Not Going To Do A Good Job!

<Writer D>

Recently, there has been news about unfortunate happenings in our forests. A FB post by Annie Khuan highlighted numerous fallen trees in our parks and questioned the work ethics of NParks.

Khuan mentioned that her friend encountered many fallen trees during a hike towards Sunset way. It raised alarms for them as it puts the lives of hikers in danger.

This problem has been going on for some time, but why is NParks not taking action? Doesn’t the in-charge of our parks and recreation think it would be dangerous for visitors? Are they too busy to regard this as a problem?

It is a shame that the poor management of NParks is not doing anything to improve the hiking experience of Singaporeans. This is despite the growing interest in the leisure/sport. If they are not interested to address our concerns, why bother wasting taxpayers’ money on them?

So much for encouraging Singaporeans to adopt a healthy lifestyle when they themselves don’t seem to care enough for the well-being of our nature and our people. Here comes another jiak liao bee!

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