Woman Bit Into Glass Shard From Dunkin Donuts, Shocked By Staff’s Attitude

It’s one thing to find insects in our food but another to find glass shards in it!

A woman named Khun Giftsy posted on FB page “Complaint Singapore” that she found a glass piece in a donut from Dunkin Donuts at Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange. The glass measured 1 to 1.5cm.

Upon a bite, she realised that something was wrong. She had already chewed into the glass piece and spat it out immediately. She was horrified! She immediately took the donut and glass piece to the Dunkin Donuts staff.

However, she was shocked by their casual approach. The workers there simply told her to wait for 10 minutes. Her complaint was met by the usual “sorry” and promise of refund, but there was nothing more. They treated it like it wasn’t a big deal.

The woman said in her FB post: “I have no intention of damaging the credibility of your company. But I want you to improve so that it doesn’t happen to other customers.”

She also questioned: What if her daughter was having the donut instead of her? What if another child had swalloed it? Would Dunkin Donuts pay for the medical fees? Will they be responsible?

There have been consecutive cases of weird things being found in food items. Isn’t Singapore big on promoting our food? Where is the quality control? First it was worms, insects, rats, and now even glass shards! Make a guess, what’s next?

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