Grace Fu Makes A Fool Of Herself Again: If There’s No Chicken, Eat Eggs!

Credit: Tiktok @joshualimkopi

Grace Fu did it again! The Minister for Sustainability and Environment recently suggested for Singaporeans to go for eggs if we can’t find chicken. She was addressing the chicken supply problem in Parliament and told us to go for other forms of meat, like eggs.

The video got viral, with the Internet making fun of her again. Many people asked why we are paying Ministers like her so much to make “this kind of speech”. With their pay, shouldn’t they be discussing more important issues that concern us all?

Many Singaporeans were speechless by Grace fool’s comment. One commenter even joked that this must be why the cai png stall charged her the price of meat when she ordered steamed eggs!

The chicken supply has gotten the nation worried, but do you think her advice is useful? Singapore Ministers who don’t even cook much are teaching us all sorts of ways to adjust to the chicken shortage. What a joke.

Will you listen to her advice – no chicken, eat eggs? Do you think that our ivory tower ministers deserve their high pay?

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