Ang Moh Waited Just 1.5hrs In A&E Dept, Praised Our Hospitals For Being Fast

An ang moh woman was full of praises for our emergency services. She said that Singapore hospital’s A&E is very fast. She recently went to A&E and only took 1.5 hrs to be attended to!

This is a stark contrast compared to what many Singaporeans are facing. We usually have to wait hours as the staff are busy or there is no bed space.

On the same day she posted the video, some people complained about the long wait at hospitals. One of them waited from 3.30pm to 11.30pm and was not even warded. Another person said he waited for 1.5 days for an available bed!

Why did it take so fast for the ang moh woman? We don’t want to discount the hard work of our hospital staff, but seriously, which hospital did she go to? Aren’t you proud that they can actually be so fast?

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