New Zealand Gov To Cut Prices For Citizens Until Jan 2023, What’s PAP Doing To Help Us?

The New Zealand government has chosen to cut fuel prices for its citizens all the way until Jan next year. This is to ease the rising cost of living for its citizens.

It first implemented cuts on fuel tax in Mar 2022. Thanks to inflation, it decided to extend the price cuts until August. Now, the government is extending it until next year so as to lighten the load on consumers.

This will help people save almost S$10 for filling up a 40-litre tank, and S$15 for a 60-litre tank.

On top of fuel prices, the New Zealand government is also cutting road user charges and public transport fares until Jan 2023. Its Finance Minister said:

“There’s no easy fix for the cost of living, but we’re taking a range of actions to ease the pressure on families. We want Kiwis to have some certainty over the coming months in the face of volatile prices at the pump.”

The IMF recently announced that inflation will stay until at least the next year.

Meanwhile, what is the Singapore government doing to ease our burden? Are PAP’s GST vouchers enough for you? What’s more, they want to carry out the GST hike next year and add to our problems. Enough is enough! Why can’t they do the same and cut prices for fuel, road tax and public transport? Are they not concerned about our struggles at all?

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