Why Does Grab Charge Us More When It Doesn’t Even Have Great Service?

Grab is widely used by the people of Singapore, and yet it has been goofing up one after the other.

It recently announced that it will cut its grace period from 5 mins to 3 mins. For every 3 mins a Grab driver waits, they will charge a $3 fee. They also charge us $4 penalty for cancelling a ride after 3 mins.

Singaporeans are unhappy with the latest changes. What makes Grab think it can charge us more? It’s not like their drivers are punctual. Sometimes, they make us wait for so long, and other times, they indicate that they have arrived even though they haven’t.

Also, it’s not as if it has superb performance and service! Why do we have to pay more?

A few weeks ago, a Grab driver dropped off an elderly woman at the wrong location. When her daughter called, the driver didn’t bother to take the call or drop old woman at the right address.

Recently, on 12th July, FB user Kenny, who is a platinum Grab member, posted about how its delivery rider carelessly left food on the dirty floor without even checking if there was anyone at home.

“I contacted Grab many times through their hotline but no one bothered to answer. I managed to find their feedback chat in grab apps but they told me that it’s beyond 12 hours so investigation cannot be done. It’s really poor service provided from the delivery team up to the management.”

With so many service hiccups, Grab still has the guts to overcharge us. Singaporeans already have enough problems with our cost of living! We use Grab only because it’s convenient, but if it doesn’t improve its standards and yet expect us to pay more, would you still want to use it?

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