K9 Connection Caught Abusing Dog With Metal Bowl, Are We Doing Enough To Stop Animal Cruelty?

In a horrifying, viral video posted by Singapore Viral Videos on TikTok, a dog trainer is seen abusing a poor dog. The trainer made scary noises at the dog and even threatened to hit it with a bowl!

It’s a despicable act considering that pet owners pay him to groom their dogs. Is this even the first time it happened? Who knows what he has done to other dogs!

The incident happened at K9 connection, which claims to be an accredited dog training and behaviour consultancy.

This is just one among other similar videos that have been circulating on social media. Is animal abuse becoming more common in Singapore? How can this happen in an accredited company? Why are there more instances of people showing no regard for animals’ lives?

Singaporeans are fuming after watching the video. Will SPCA, AVS, Nparks do anything about it? Do you think we can trust them to come up with stricter measures to protect all animals in Singapore?

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