Residents Waited Hours For A Meal, Fast Food In Singapore Is Not Fast At All!

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Sembawang residents have shown issues with unprofessional behaviour of fast food chains.

According to the customers, the restaurants operate really badly during the peak hours. The menus do attract people but what’s the point of waiting for more than half an hour for something that is supposed to be done fast?

A user who goes by the name Akydd Rahim on FB suggested that there should be more McDonalds in the area. Due to the lack of manpower in Sembawang, it has been underperforming especially during peak hours.

In a ridiculous incident shared by a resident of Sembawang, he waited for one hour even though he only ordered one drink and an apple pie. After an hour, he was told that they forgot his order.

Customer satisfaction is in the dumps for this outlet. With the nation already opening up and people getting back to outdoor routines, there will be more footfall. If they can’t brace themselves to serve the Singaporeans, what’s the point of keeping them there?

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