LHL: Not Easy For PAP MPs To Step Down Because We Are So Close With Residents

Yesterday, LHL had an appreciation dinner for former PAP MPs who have stepped down. He thanked people like Goh Chok Tong, Khaw Boon Wan, Yaacob Ibrahim, Charles Chong, and more, as “being an MP is so demanding, yet so fulfilling.”

He said that for people like them who have served for so many years, it is never easy to step down because of the tight relationships with residents.

“For many MPs, stepping down is not an easy adjustment to make. It is hard to let go of the close ties formed with your residents. For me too, it has been a difficult task to ask you to step down to make way for your successors.”

When was the last time you saw your MP? Do you or your neighbours have a very close relationship with him/her? A quick search on Google will show you numerous posts where Singaporeans said that they have never seen their MP for years. Do you believe they don’t want to step down because they can’t let go of their residents?

LHL also mentioned that with the older guys stepping down, it will pave the way for younger leaders. He wanted everyone to know that they may belong to the same party but it doesn’t mean that they have the same views. He is confident that there are many diverse personalities in the PAP who can represent different interests and make our policies more “robust.”

“We must maintain this diversity in our ranks, keep our party a broad tent, and field the best possible team in the next General Election… we must keep the party renewed, vigorous and in touch with Singaporeans.”

Does his words echo with you?

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