In Our Progressive Society, The Homeless Are Still Left Behind!

And in fact, they are hidden in plain sight. Activist Gilbert Goh got a shock of his life when he stumbled upon elderly men sleeping rough at a secluded void deck with mattresses and foldable chairs.

“You don’t simply walk around after dinner straight into a unplanned homeless den in our modern society. Their personal belongings are strewn all over the area showing signs that they have being there for a long time – away from the prying eyes of the public at a secluded corner.”

At the void deck, there were also other mattresses lying around, indicating that there may be more than the two that Gilbert met.

“I left the area still reeling from the shock of this unwanted sight of yet another small cluster of homeless elderly folks having to make the public area their home.”

This is what happens when the society progress without thinking about the less fortunate! What is the government doing? How can they let Singaporeans suffer in such hardships while they welcome foreigners with open arms?

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