Car Tire Falls Out On PIE, Lexus Driver Doesn’t Seem To Notice

In a trending video on TikTok uploaded by @kipsicles, a car tire was seen rolling in the middle of PIE. The camera then pans to show a Lexus driving on the second lane, without one of its front tires.

According to @kipsicles, they tried to inform the driver to no avail. The man continued to drive on his rims.

“we honked him like 15 times but i dont know that he even noticed.. hope everyone is ok!” – TikTok @kipsicles

Netters mostly wondered how the driver didn’t notice at all. Is Lexus’ soundproofing and suspension that amazing?

Shortly after the video was uploaded, a netter shared that he saw the car parked at Potong Pasir, but it was all scratched up and dented.

You can watch the full video here.

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