Dear Lawrence Wong And PAP, Are We Really Prepared For The Next Few Weeks?

The total number of Covid-19 cases have now reached up to 1,461,107. Recently, Singapore is also seeing a spike in cases, with as many as 12,784 new infections yesterday.

PAP ministers repeatedly tell us that we are more prepared for the new wave than before. But with these high numbers, how can we afford to be optimistic about this situation?

Furthermore, seeing a toddler of 1.5 years die from Covid last month worries young parents more than ever. It doesn’t mean that we have got past the worst. We shouldn’t underestimate the new wave.

MOH already mentioned some months back that in the worst case scenario, we could see more than 15,000 cases a day. However, Lawrence Wong has no plans to tighten the measures.

What’s going to happen to our elderly? They are the most vulnerable, the most at risk, and the PAP is most aware that Singapore is currently facing an ageing population. Are they giving enough consideration to the elderly? Do they think we are really prepared this time?

Let’s just hope that our elite ministers will realise before it is too late. The last thing any Singaporean would want is to get sucked in the sea of worries like in 2020-2021!

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