Auntie With Face Mask Anyhow Kick Stranger’s Food, Arrested For Causing Drama

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Food delivery rider Clarence Kang and his wife Angelica Mendoza were having a quiet celebration outside Buona Vista MRT when an uninvited guest added some drama. They were live-streaming their meal on Twitch, which is a community that partially paid for their special supper.

Just when they went live and were talking to the viewers, a middle-aged woman wearing a skincare face mask walked over to them and started talking rudely.

“You are not supposed to smoke here”, “you are not supposed to eat here” were some of the things she said before kicking over two bags of food belonging to them. It was as if she was deranged.

The woman tried to walk away after creating the mess but Mendoza hit her in retaliation and questioned her about why she kicked their food.

The victims immediately called the police. Thankfully, they have video evidence of the woman’s antics. She was seen screaming and even began singing a song in Mandarin.

The police later said that they arrested a 41-year-old woman under Section 7(1) of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act 2008. Why does it seem like there are more mentally ill people around? Are people too stressed in Singapore? How come?

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