Arrogant Indian FT Argue With Police At Market St Hawker Center

This image taken at Market Street Hawker Center has been circulating the internet and it has been making everyone angry. It shows another sovereign lady seemingly arguing with police officers. Netters also pick on the fact that she is not wearing a mask despite being indoors.

One netter wrote in to us to express his concern with FTs acting like they are above the law here.


Dear AllSingaporeStuff,

I’m very disturbed by the above photo of 30 Jun 22 at Market St Hawker Center, depicting extreme arrogance displayed by presumably an Indian national, towards law enforcement when she repeatedly refuses to don a mask while in a public hawker.

However, what made me concern is how helpless our civil servants are, when dealing with defiant individuals who are still able to persist in disobeying regulations with no repercussions. In the end, the police officers walked away with no summons issued.

In view of declining public dissatisfaction with government service and perception of inequality towards Singaporeans and foreign nationals, I hope you will take a serious look at this case.



From the Erramalli Ramesh who abuse our condo security guard, to the sovereign lady. Singapore must review properly who we are taking in, especially now that more borders are opening!

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I frankly feel that such behaviour is not only unethical and uncalled for but also embarrasses Singapore’s hawker culture.