Josephine Teo Wants More Online Censorship To Protect Singaporeans From Harm!

A few weeks ago, Minister for Communications and Information (MCI) Josephine Teo announced that the government will “introduce new regulations on the online space to protect users from harmful content”.

Under new regulations, social media services will be directed to “take action” against content flagged by the government, specifically the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

While it is important to look into tackling hate speech and cyberterrorism, overregulation and over-censorship is not healthy for our society. Majority of Singaporeans know what to believe. We can differentiate real from false. Directing or controlling what we can view will not go down well with the public.

Anyway, how can the government be so sure to judge what’s right and wrong? The world already thinks we don’t have much freedom of speech. Overregulating this will only make whatever’s left of it go down the drain. It will definitely not sit well with younger Singaporeans.

So much for them wanting to take a “consultative and collaborative approach”. They always claim to consult with Singaporeans but never make decisions that reflect what we really want! Let’s be reminded of Josephine Teo’s famous quote and ask ourselves if they truly deliver what they promised.

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