Woman Caught Husband With His Mistress At Changi Airport!

A woman confronted her husband at Changi Airport after catching him with his mistress. Both of them had arrived from a holiday in Bangkok and were holding hands as they walked out of the arrival hall.

The woman, who is his legal wife, lashed out at her husband for disappearing for 6 months. She claimed that she couldn’t contact him as he made no effort to keep in touch. She clarified in her Facebook post that she didn’t even change her number!

She reprimanded him for not coming back even though his father pleaded with him to return. He seemed to have problems finding a job but if he really can’t find one, why not go home? Why not go back to his home country Malaysia? Why can he afford to travel with another girl?

It’s unfortunate that their child had to be there to witness everything. The woman also scolded her husband for being an irresponsible father. For how long does he expect her to lie to their son that their father is on a work trip?

What a loser! We can’t imagine how frustrated the wife must be for her to expose him in public. Shame on him for cheating and neglecting his wife and kid! He deserved it. Now that his face is viral, where do you think he will run to next? Will the mistress still stand by him this time?

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