Python Traps Bedok Residents At Home For 2.5 Hours In The Morning, ACRES SAY THEY ARRIVED LATE BECAUSE OF TRAFFIC

At around 6:30am on 2 June 2022, a python was seen crawling outside the windows and doors of first floor residents at 126 Bedok Reservoir Road.

According to a report by Shin Min Daily News, the reptile was first spotted by a cleaner who notified the town council. The town council staff then reported the matter to the police.

A resident, Peng Wen Hao (34) said that he woke up to policemen at his door. The police then told him to stay at home and not leave his house because of the snake outside.

Two staff from ACRES arrived at about 9am to catch the python. They said that they were unable to reach the scene earlier because of the rush hour traffic in the morning.

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