LTA reported that the MRT breakdown less in the past 2 years because COVID means low ridership. Shortly after it was announced that people are going back to office, train delays started happening on the East-West Line and Bukit Panjang LRT in the past few weeks.

Now Straits Times reported that “MRT and LRT lines are likely to be put under further stress in the coming months, with more people using public transport to move about and return to work.”

Why are they blaming it on the fact that we are going back to office? Go back office is who say one? They should have been able to cope with the normal ridership rate anyway. Before COVID, our MRT already had huge amount of commuters. How come now everybody going back to normal will break down more leh?

They increase the transport fares but never maintain standards. Still dare to ownself praise ownself say past quarter only got one major breakdown. Of course lah! People only started going back to office in April! Are they trying to find more bad justifications to increase fare again?!

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