Singapore Food Agency Promised To Investigate After Dead Rat Found In Packed Vegetables

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Singaporeans eat many things but we definitely don’t eat rats. A woman reportedly found a ‘dead rat’ in a pack of vegetables she had bought from Giant Hypermarket at IMM.

The pack was purchased on 15 May, Sunday. To her horror, just when she opened the pack to cook, she found a dead rat on top of the vegetables.

Mr Lim, her husband, was disgusted and shocked just as much as his wife and immediately called Giant. Giant apologized and offered a refund. Expressing its “sincere apologies” for “any inconvenience” caused, the supermarket offered the traumatised couple a refund on all frozen and fresh items they purchased on 15 May as a “gesture of goodwill”.

The unfortunate incident has left them apprehensive about going to the supermarket and buying vegetables. They even cleared the fridge and threw away all of its contents, including 1kg of bird’s nest!

“Thankfully, we have two fridges at home… we don’t dare to use the one that the rat was stored in.”

DFI Retail Group, which manages Giant, and the Singapore Food Agency have said that they are conducting an investigation into the matter. Where are their quality checks? It is not just an insect but a whole dead rat!

It is important for supermarkets to upkeep their hygiene standards and quality control rules. If not, once the damage is done, it can leave a permanent scar.

SFA said that it would not hesitate to take action against food operators if they have obtained sufficient evidence.

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