Internet Demands Punishment For Man Who Violently Thrashed Chickens At Hougang Ave 3

<Writer D>

A video shared by Wendy Leong on Facebook page ‘Singapore Wildlife Sightings’ caught a man brutally thrashing a few helpless chickens at the carpark area at Hougang Avenue 3 at around 5:37pm on May 22. It is unclear if the chickens are wild or pet but all they were doing was roaming in the area.

In the 1 minute 25 seconds video, the man can be seen trying everything in his power to torture the poor beings, consisting of two grey Silkie chickens, two white chickens and a junglefowl. He is seen using his slipper, stamping, chasing and scaring the vulnerable birds.

The man is not yet identified but he deservedly received a lot of criticisms by netizens who are demanding him to be punished justly.

One doesn’t have to be a vegan to sympathize with these animals. It’s sheer insensitivity! There are stringent animal abuse laws in this nation but it seems like humans like him have been taking them for granted by committing these inhumane acts. He thinks he can get away. How do you think he should be punished?

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