Foreigner Disappointed That He Has to Struggle To Find Job Here

A foreigner is disappointed that he can’t find a job in Singapore even though he studied here. He has a Diploma from Singapore Polytechnic.

He said that last time, he could find jobs easily when he was on student pass. Now that he needs a proper work pass, nobody wants to hire him. He said that he faced the same problem even though he applied to companies without foreign quota.

“I applied to more jobs and went to interviews that went really well until I see the interviewer’s face drop when I told them I need a Work Pass. Instant no.”

He understand that there is a preference for locals but he can’t help feeling sad. He said: “I’m constantly disappointed at the fact that I may have gotten a job if it wasn’t for my foreigner status.”

He claimed that he just wants to support himself here and is not asking for too high a salary. However, he also said that he is aiming to join bigger companies.

“I keep on applying to jobs, aiming for bigger companies but there isn’t a lot I qualify for although I think I have a decent portfolio and amount of experience.”

Now he is stuck here as he claimed that he can’t go back to his home country. He thought he made the right choice by coming here to study because our school fees are cheaper. He hope that people can give him advice on what he should do to get out of this situation. What do you think? Why can’t he go back home? How would you advice him?!

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