Lawrence Wong Preparing For Next Decade, But What About Our Existing Problems?

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Post-covid is our new normal and we all have to accept it. We can’t go back to where we were but we just cannot be sprinting forward without recognising and mending what we lost. The world was practically shut down for two years. While some may have bounced back, some are still struggling.

So when Singapore’s de facto prime minister-in-waiting, Mr Lawrence Wong announced, “Singapore’s 4G leaders will develop the country’s roadmap for the next decade in ‘Forward Singapore’ to refresh its social compact”, it raised a couple of doubts.

To begin with, low wage earners such as street hawkers are still struggling. Some have shut down their businesses while some are on the brink. Doesn’t it seem a serious matter? Street food culture is very important because it was built up by our pioneer batch of hawkers. Its affordability does not discriminate against anyone. Yet, they have borne inexplicable losses in these two years.

The hawkers did take to technology to keep the business going but they could not cope. They also had to increase prices. Some people suggested they go back to their previous prices, which is so unfair considering they are already low wage earners. Let’s not forget that they are the backbone of Singapore. They need help to navigate and sustain the aftermath of the pandemic.

Additionally, we all are aware of our greying population and the health risks they faced during the pandemic. Could we have saved everyone? Probably not. Could we have been better prepared and well-equipped? Yes! What are we waiting for?? The next pandemic?

It is not easy but it has to be taken care of urgently. It is absolutely necessary. Dealing with the lack of long-term care options, manpower issues, bed crunch in the hospitals and expensive long-term care have cost us enough already. They should be the priority of every 4G leader.

The mentioned issues need utmost attention at the earliest. The authorities must understand that the problems of this decade are not yet resolved. They should put in effort to improve existing problems instead of only focusing on the future. It would be best if we do not carry the issues of the current decade into the next.

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