It’s been 5 months, TRAY RETURN SYSTEM DOESN’T WORK! It makes the cleaners work harder!

In February, Dr Amy Khor launched the tray return campaign. Apparently this is supposed to remind customers to clean up after themselves, so that the tables are usable for other people.

However, the system is so half-hearted and not well-planned. It’s been 5 months and we still frequently see dirty tables because the tray return stations are full.

Cleaners also have to work harder trying to sort out the mess at these stations because some people don’t have common sense when it comes to stacking their plates properly. They don’t even bother throwing the disposable items in the bins first, instead they just put the whole tray there.

At least at the tables, the cleaners can just sort through one person’s mess. Whereas the mess is compounded at the stations!

The cleaners also have to manually carry each tray from the rack to the cleaning area. In the end, I’ve seen many cleaners who tell me to just leave my tray at my table because returning it gives them more work. Now they have to clean the tables and the rack.

Some more certain hawkers already employ fewer cleaners thinking that got less to clean.

Horrible execution of what is supposed to be a good idea! Whose Brilliant Idea…

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