CNA Promise To Do Better After Getting National Flags Wrong In SEA Games Update

CNA apologised for their screw up this morning. It mixed up the national flags of many countries in its SEA games broadcast today. Here is how they reported the medal tally:

In a Facebook post, CNA said: “The error was on air for about 25 seconds. This error was corrected for subsequent SEA Games updates during Asia First, which included an on-air apology.

We deeply regret this happened. It falls short of the professional standards that we expect of ourselves and we extend a sincere apology to our viewers. We will strive to do better.”

Some netizens praised CNA for owning up to the mistake quickly. Even so, it was an embarrassing mistake that should never have happened. Others weren’t surprised at CNA’s journalism “standard”. They wondered if it was some FT who made the mistake.

Singapore recently went up from 160th to 139th in the global press freedom index. Our ranking may be better but our score got worse. Do they have the cheek to say that it is an improvement? Explain

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