IF YOU RECEIVE CASH-ON-DELIVERY PARCEL, REJECT IT! There may be animal shit inside!

A netter shared that they received a package from a local courier today that is cash-on-delivery for $69. The courier warned that if the netter did not order something cash-on-delivery, they should reject the parcel because there may be poop inside.

On Reddit r/askSingapore, the netter asked if anyone has had the same weird experience. Apparently many of their friends received the same “prank” before.

According to another netter, there is a prank website (www.shitexpress.com) that help people sends “a piece of shit in a box” to anywhere in the world anonymously. They have all kinds of animal shit for you to choose from.

Either way, even if its not poop inside, just don’t accept any delivery you are not expecting. Especially if it’s cash on delivery! If it’s not poop, it may be a scam. Yucks!

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