OYK: Don’t Throw Away TraceTogether Token, Highly Possible There’ll Be Next Infection!

Minister for Health Ong Ye Kung warned us not to throw away our TraceTogether tokens or delete the app. He said that everyone must continue to be careful because there is a high possibility of a next wave. When the next variant comes, he will want to reintroduce TraceTogether again.

He understand that Singaporeans want more transparency and less tracking wherever we go, but he thinks that it is impossible as long as Covid-19 exists.

“I can understand some members of the public want a system with transparent and clear triggering points, but I am afraid this is not possible when we are in a pandemic crisis with fog of war.”

It was only recently that he announced that it was ok to go without safe management measures. Why is he flipping prata again?

Unaware of his own prata, Ong Ye Kung remains confident that Singaporeans will understand where he is coming from. Do you agree? How long do you think we can go around without the government tracking us everywhere? Will we ever be free?

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