ANTI-VAXXERS PROTEST AT HONG LIM PARK, speakers include ex-PSP member Brad Bowyer & Iris Koh

Over the weekend, anti-vaxxers took to Hong Lim Park to protest against the COVID vaccine. The protest began at 3pm and lasted over two hours. At least a 100 people were at the event, and nearly everyone were not wearing masks.

Healing the Divide founder Iris Koh, and ex-Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member Brad Bowyer spoke at the event.

In her speech, Iris Koh said that there “are many pandemics planned” and that Covid was “just a rehearsal”. She said: “Today is Covid, tomorrow is which other pandemic?” Brad Bowyer said that because of the pandemic, corporations and political parties have become evil.

Actually not sure what they’re protesting for because most of our restrictions already lifted, that’s why they can even go into Hong Lim Park.

Also, not like Hong Lim Park works because the government also don’t care what the people have to say. Letting people protest at Hong Lim Park is like giving a kid an iPad when they get noisy.

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