Chan Chun Sing Says That Online Comments “Really Hurt” Him

PAP decided to start their mental health campaign called #BetterTogether. However, instead of really helping those who struggle with mental health, the campaign just shows how out of touch the PAP really are.

Their promotional video featured 3 PAP MPs: Chan Chun Sing, Sun Xueling, and Wan Rizal. Apparently they are supposed to talk about their struggle with mental health, so they did.

And it shows how little they know about mental health and what Singaporeans struggle with.

For Chan Chun Sing, his story is about hate comments he see online. Sun Xueling talked about how she struggle with living up to people’s expectations. Wan Rizal say that a lot of people “are counting on us”.

“We get some very unkind comments online. There are attacks on us, our family. They can really hurt.” – Chan Chun Sing

“We all want to succeed in the many roles in our lives. To live up to expectations.” – Sun Xueling

“We take everyone’s problems to fix whatever’s wrong.” – Wan Rizal

How is this supposed to comfort those struggling from mental health? These three are basically just complaining about work, which they get paid million dollar salaries for. Maybe if they don’t like it they should just quit, instead of whining about it.

“We believe that our society will be better when we recognise the crippling effects of mental health issues on any member of our community, and take collective action to make a change.” – PAP

What are they trying to say when they themselves don’t understand or recognize what it really means to be crippled by mental health? They should have gotten mental health advocates to talk, instead of being so wayang.

You can watch their video here.

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