We Are Already Overly Urbanized, We Must Protect Whatever Greenery We Have Left

Walking in Pang Sua Woodlands has a heartening sensation. The lush greenery gave a relieving sight from the brick-and-mortar city. As I took my stroll in the precinct, I was also welcome by the gentle soothing breeze.

The woodland constitutes part of the Rail Corridor, which used to be where the railway ran from Tanjong Pagar to Malaysia. However, this nature plot situated between Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Panjang is slated for housing development. The plan was lately brought up in the news. Since 2019 it has already been in the master plan of the Urban Redevelopment Authority for becoming a housing area.

To create conservancy awareness and in an effort to save Pang Sua Woodland from being wiped out, two nature groups, Cicada Tree Eco-Place (CTEP) and Nature Society (Singapore) (NSS) had collaborated in publishing a book titled ‘Pang Sua Woodland: Santuary Unveiled Along the Rail Corridor’. CTEP stated that the woodland ‘is a microcosm of Singapore and the world at large. Conserving small pockets of precious biodiversity and wild greenery is critical to solving the existential crisis facing all of humanity’. They also emphasized that the land of nature could not be replaced once it was gone.

Indeed, Pang Sua Woodland exhibits a fascinating combination of diversity and wild beauty of nature. The trees which numbered to about a hundred are of multiple species, as well as the grasses I treaded on. It was amazing to see big fans of fern leaves among the myriad of plants too. The relaxing atmosphere and cool air were very pleasant. My companion and I really revelled in the walk and look forward eagerly to visiting the park again.

We are a nation overly urbanized and transformed into a concrete city. A length of rich greenery like Pang Sua is spotted rare. Hence, as long as there is a trace of nature remaining, all the more it should be valued, protected and preserved. The property of nature is a fairly long stretch which does not even measure up to many hectares. Having these woodlands can help in cooling the city as they keep urban heat down.

By virtue of its close proximity to housing estates, residents can access the wild land hassle-free. It is not only a unique heritage of nature, but also is an ideal destination for health and leisure activities. The wild land is also known of boasting wildlife inhabitants like otters and owls which should be protected. The sanctuary does not deserve to be destroyed, but left intact.

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