Daiso Will No Longer Be $2, Blame It On GST!

What times we live in! Daiso will no longer be selling its items at S$2 each. From 1 May 2022, Daiso will add GST to their products.

Daiso entered Singapore in 2003, and their prices has always remained at $2. Even when GST increased from 5% to 7% in 2007, Daiso was always our trusted $2 store. Guess they cannot cope with it anymore.

$2 for everything was so easy. In fact, the $2 used to be inclusive of GST. Why suddenly they want to increase their prices by 7% but they use GST as excuse? GST is currently at 7%, will increase to 9% in the next few years some more!

Guess we’ll be seeing $2.14 price tags in Daiso soon. Will you go shop at Daiso before the price increases?

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