82-Year-Old Sold HDB Because Of Her Daughter, Now Without A Home

In a news report by zaobao, 82-year-old Zhang only has one daughter who is 56-year-old. Their daughter married and migrated to Melbourne, Australia about 15 years ago. The elderly couple moved to reunite with their only child in 2018. Unfortunately, after her husband died, her daughter would not take care of her.

Husband was ill.

At that time, her husband was just diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and the daughter allegedly asked her parents to move so that she could take care of them. So when the husband’s treatment was stable, they arranged their move to Australia.

According to the elderly, they sold their 4-room flat in Marine Crescent and left with all their savings. In Australia, they bought a flat near their daughter.

After living in Melbourne for more than two years, her husband died in March last year.

The Zhang’s relationship with her daughter has become troubled since then.

“She didn’t take good care of me and even hid some of my husband’s investment returns. Once I tried to enter her house, but my son-in-law grabbed me with both hands and dragged me away. After I was injured, I asked my neighbors for help, and the neighbors also helped to call the police.” – Zhang (translated from Chinese)

Zhang moves back to Singapore

A nephew of Zhang had flown to Australia to accompany her back to Singapore. However, because she has no place to live here, she is staying in a hotel temporarily. She is unable to go out alone because of her limited mobility. She relies on friends to order food for her online every day.

Her husband died and her only daughter did not take care of her. She also shared that she doesn’t even have her daughter’s phone number and the daughter hasn’t contacted her since she moved out of her daughter’s house.

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