Singapore Tourism Board Wants To Attract More Travellers From India – “Bring Them Over!”

Mr GB Srithar is happy that Singapore is finally opening our borders to welcome travellers from India. Srithar is the Regional Director of India, Middle East and South Asia at the Singapore Tourism Board.

The tourism board in Chennai was quick to jump on it as it recently started a “Singapore Reimagined” campaign for Indians. At the same time, STB is working to bring our local experiences to India’s audience. It is planning travel packages targeted at families in India so that they will come to Singapore.

There are now 14 Indian cities with direct connections to Singapore and Srithar hopes that we will increase “air capacity and frequency” even further. He wants to bring travellers back as he thinks that India is an important market for us. Moreover, they tend to stay longer because they like to shop here.

With more relaxed restrictions, travellers from India will only need to test for Covid once before they arrive. After that, they can enjoy quarantine-free travel.

“Calling all our partner-friends in India, Middle East and South Asia to bring the message out to your clients and bring them over to SG. Just in time too – peak summer travel season for Indian families, with children going on school holidays and for young adults as well”!

Said Srithar: This is “the news all of us have been waiting for. ‘Welcome back to Singapore'”.

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