Netter Says POFMA Needs To “Come Down Hard” On Offenders, Conditional Warning Not Enough?!

An IB wrote to Straits Times to kaopeh about how conditional warning for fake news is not enough. He was upset that the woman who complained that her children died from Covid-19 at KK Hospital only got a POFMA warning.

The POFMA warning already means that if the complainant reoffends in the next 24 months she will be prosecuted for the original crime.

Yet this IB still thinks not enough.

“Towards this end, besides being issued with a conditional warning, such offenders should also be fined to reflect the seriousness of the offence. Unless Pofma comes down hard, such offences will proliferate over time and may go out of control.”
– Straits Times Forum Writer Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

What does he mean by comes down hard?! POFMA is already so vague, what is or isn’t fake news is determined by the government. He still wants them to “come down hard”?

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