Malaysians Say They Lost Respect For Singaporeans After One Driver Go JB To Pump RON95 Petrol

Former Malaysia PM Najib Razak made a Facebook post on April 3, 2022 to call out foreigners for pumping cheap petrol in his country. He included the above photograph of a driver pumping RON95 petrol into a Singaporean car.

This made a lot of Malaysians upset because foreigners have been banned from purchasing RON95 since August 2010. It’s because RON95 is heavily subsidized by the Malaysian government.

Malaysian citizens driving foreign-registered cars are required to show their MyKad before they can buy Ron95. Foreigners are allowed to pump RON97, which is still cheaper than petrol in Singapore.

However, is it right for some Malaysians to make statements like how they have lost respect to “all Singaporeans” because of the one guy who didn’t know the rules?

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