Cyclist Slaps Hearing Impaired Pedestrian For Not Giving Way When He Rang His Bell

If anybody knows who this cyclist is, please contact Sengkang NPC at 1800 343 8999. They are also looking for eye witnesses.

On 26 March at around 9am, a hearing impaired lady was walking with her husband along the footpath adjacent to Sengkang East Way (beside Sengkang Hospital) when cyclists came along. Because she is hearing impaired, she did not realize that a cyclist from behind was ringing his bell non-stop until her husband gestured at her to move to the left.

After that, a female cyclist rode past the couple, followed by a male cyclist on a bright orange Trek Marlin mountain bike. The male cyclist kept turning his head back to stare at the couple as he continued riding forward towards Sengkang East Road before stopping at the traffic junction of Sengkang East Way with Sengkang East Road.

When the couple caught up with this male cyclist at the traffic junction, he decided to confront the couple by shouting “Don’t know how to give way is it?”

“We told him that we have already given way once we realised that someone was ringing a bell at us from behind. I also explained to him that I have a hearing impairment and therefore did not hear his bell ringing until my husband told me about it. However, the man continued his verbal abuse so I took out my mobile phone to record him.”

Suddenly, this cyclist decided to slap the hearing impaired pedestrian. This was witnessed by the people at the traffic light as well as people who were making their way across the junction. When the hearing impaired lady wanted to call the police, the cyclist then tried to escape.

Other pedestrians tried to prevent him from leaving, while the husband stood in front of the man’s bicycle. However, the cyclist tried to ride his bike into the husband anyway before trying again to escape.

“He then sneered at us, saying that “call police also no use as the police can’t do anything to him”. When the lights turned in his favour, the man broke free and sped off across the junction before turning left in the direction towards Punggol”

Other pedestrians around, including a jogger, also tried to chase him down to no avail, so the couple lodged a police report immediately in person at Sengkang NPC, although the police were not able to track him down.

If you were an eye-witness or if you know this man, please contact Sengkang NPC at 1800 343 8999.

“The assailant is a Malay man in his late 30s/early 40s, around 170+ cm tall with a tanned complexion. He was wearing a black long-sleeved “Camel Smokercross” cycling jersey, orange sports sunglasses and a white “British Cycling” balaclava. He is likely a resident of Sengkang/Punggol.”

See the lady’s Facebook post here.

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