Jack’s Place Made Me Pay For Membership Twice In 3 Months By Saying Mine’s Expired!

Be careful when signing up for Jack’s Place membership!

A netter has been a loyal Jack’s Place member since before 2016. However, on 26 March 2022, he tried to get member’s discount, but the Jack’s Place staff insisted that his membership expired back in 2016. They even printed a receipt proof to show the netter.

Confused, the netter decided to pay $18 renewal fee again to get the discount. However, he felt like something was amiss, so when he went home he looked through his old receipts only to find one dated 4 December 2021 where he already paid $18 to renew his membership.

The netter had to call Jack’s Place office to complain, and only after did they return him the money. Luckily he kept his receipt from December! Be careful everyone!

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