Cheapskate Refused To Pay $35 For Eyelash Lift, Still Ask Staff To Give Her Free Bed!

A woman wanted to go for an eyelash lift but was too cheapskate to pay for it. The service cost $35. She found it expensive and tried to get the staff to give her a cheaper price.

Here, she asked why it wasn’t $25 instead. The staff said there was a promotion last time and told her that the original price is $35.

She then tried to get a discount again by asking if they can charge her $8 if she were to bring her own tint and oil. She said that she is trying to cut costs due to the GST hike. Then why go for eyelash lift?

“I understand, I can pay you $8 for your time and effort? 8 will let you huat huat. Please do a good deed and fix my lash.”

When the staff insisted that there is no discount, she tried to ask for freebies. She asked if they can give her a bed if she signed up for 10 sessions, because “just nice (her) son bed spoil.”

What ugly behaviour! Want people’s service but don’t want to pay for it, still dare to ask for free furniture? This woman not just bed spoil. Her brain also spoil!

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