Baby Expo Shames Shopper For Browsing, Says “you only have 1 miserable hair band in your shopping basket”

Better don’t shop from “Baby Expo”. They like to shame customers who only have one item in their basket, and don’t allow people to browse.

In gist, the customer wrote a review on their page telling other people that the shop doesn’t allow shoppers to touch their baby cot/prams (even those on display). In response, the shop say “you only have 1 miserable hair band in your shopping basket. very sad for you.” What kind of response is this?!

They then banned the shopper from their Facebook page, and deleted the comments. After that the shopper had no choice but to make their own post to share their story. According to her, the shop owner/staff was disinterested in answering her questions, just because they only have 1 item in their basket at that time.

How can they judge someone for only having one hairband in their basket? Some people like to take a walk around to slowly decide. Even if it’s really true that they only have 1 hairband, is it right to judge them for not wanting to buy anything else?

Baby Expo then decided to make a Facebook post also, but it’s even worse. They have one entire paragraph about how the shopper only had 1 hair band, and that other customers of theirs apparently had full baskets.

They also shame other people for leaving negative reviews about them. Apparently this is not the only time, other customers also left reviews about an “unfriendly lady” who keeps asking people if they are going to buy anything. Apparently she said “This is not a place to window shop. Want window shop go Facebook.” before walking away.

This is really the worst customer service ever. No wonder their Google ratings 1 star now.

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