Ong Ye Kung Thanked PHPC Clinic Staff By Giving Them Snacks

The Ministry of Health recently distributed gifts to healthcare workers at PHPC clinics. The gifts are snack boxes with a variety of nuts, biscuits and honey.

Ong Ye Kung proudly posted on his Instagram, saying that it is a simple gift to thank them for their hard work during the Covid-19 period. He posted pictures of clinic staff holding their gifts and looking happy.

He knows that clinics are still busy but told them not to worry as the Omicron wave is dying down.

How will you feel if you were a clinic staff? Will you be happy or would you rather get something else? What we know is, the best gift is certainly not snacks. It could be more money, time to rest, or even for the MTF to step down. What do you think?

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