New Zealand Cuts Fuel Tax, Transport Fares To Help Citizens Cope. What About Singapore?

New Zealand’s government is slashing fuel tax and public transport fares for three months. Lately, fuel prices have shot up due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Instead of increasing prices for everyone, NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is cutting prices to help citizens overcome the high costs of living.

“We are in a wicked, perfect storm and it is a storm that is impacting people’s lives. This unprecedented move, the reduction of 25c a litre is us making sure we are responding quickly to the pain at the pump.”

The NZ government will also pump in money to the transport fund to ensure that promised projects will continue to run.

Meanwhile, Singaporeans are still paying more while the government simply tells us to be prepared for it.

“Motorists must therefore expect pump prices for petrol and diesel here to rise in time. Electricity rates for both businesses and households will also increase… These will undoubtedly impact Singaporeans and further raise the cost of living here”, said Gan Kim Yong.

Currently, the government’s solution is simply to “monitor the situation”. Only when needed, they will think about introducing measures to help everyone cope.

This is PAP for you! Say like never say. Why can’t they follow NZ and spare a thought for citizens? If other countries can do it, why can’t we?

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