Government Blindly Set Minimum Wage For FTs, Companies Will Just Pay Them More!

Dear AllSingaporeStuff,

I felt the need to write in to you guys, hope that you will share my views. Recently I have been seeing a lot of self-assured FTs of a particular nationality boasting online about their pay here. This is one example:

Look at how they can boast about being able to pay their home loan in 2 years? While Singaporeans have to take 25 years to pay our HDB loan? Another guy here boasts about how Singapore offered him a job that pays $196k a year.

Look at the type of housing they can afford, $2500-3000/month for a 1 bedroom apartment.

The PAP tried to appease Singaporeans by saying that they will increase the minimum wage to make it more competitive and harder for them to come in. I want to argue that this doesn’t work. The companies that want to hire them will just pay them more, and they have many reasons for that.

Speaking from personal experience, I once worked at a company whose upper management are all of Indian-origin. Some of them are PR/SC already, but they are first generation. The habit of hiring from their own people remains, and because they have converted to PR/SC, they have the leeway to hire more foreigners.

Imposing minimum wage will not stop them from hiring more people from their hometown. All they need to do is to pay a bit more. CNA said “The minimum qualifying salary for new EP applicants will go up to S$5,000 from the current S$4,500. In the financial services sector, this amount will go up to S$5,500 from the current S$5,000.” However, this $500 difference is really nothing to them. They would rather pay their own people this amount than hire a Singaporean and pay their CPF.

I left the company already, because I felt like a minority. They always talk to each other in their own language and keep me out of their unofficial gatherings, but this is a story for next time.

I’m not saying no to people who can really contribute to our economy, but EP holders are not it.

The point is, the government is obviously just setting this minimum wage to try to shut us up for a while. But Singaporeans are smarter than that! What they need to do is to set a maximum wage for EP applicants. For those who already are earning a substantial amount and can truly contribute to our economy, they have the Singapore Entrepreneur Pass scheme they can apply for instead!

In fact, this EntrePass is enough, because it recognizes entrepreneurs (with a proper track record), innovators, and investors. These are the types of talent we want in our country. Not someone holding an EP whose job should really be given to a Singaporean instead!

EP holders don’t add value to our society. They are not bringing in money, nor are they bringing in any skills. Worst still, they are so arrogant and self-assured, scolding our security guards and acting like our rules don’t matter to them.

I’ve had enough of dealing with these EP holders.

Exasperated Singaporean,

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