Ong Ye Kung: Omicron Wave Is Subsiding. Healthcare Workers Will Be Able To Rest

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said that the number of Omicron cases have peaked and are on the decline. He thinks that the situation has improved as there were 22,000 infections yesterday, compared to 26,000 from two weeks ago.

Even with tens of thousands of Covid cases, OYK assured healthcare workers that they will finally be able to rest.

“With that, I hope healthcare workers will finally have a well-deserved and lasting respite.”

He said that MOH has done whatever they can for healthcare workers, such as by giving them priority for vaccines and reducing their workload by moving some patients out of hospitals.

PAP’s Koh Poh Koon was also confident that hospitals will be able to cope if ICU cases surge.

Although they said that cases are going down, they have no plans to change the safe management measures. They promised to continue coming up with back up plans as Covid is unpredictable.

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