Budget 2022: PAP MPs Treat The Parliament Like A Joke!

This year’s budget is filled with stupid moments coming from our men in white. It really shows how little they care about Singaporeans, their purpose is to tell us how they want to take more of our money!

First we got the Lawrence Wong who decided to count to three using his middle finger. Not sure if it is really a careless mistake or he actually wanted to show us the middle finger.

Then this guy from West Coast GRC Ang Wei Neng say our local degrees should have a 5-year validity. In order to renew must go for courses to upgrade. Never spare a thought for Singaporeans who just cannot afford the time or money to go for more courses.

Some more, this will put us at a worst standing compared to FTs because their degree never expires. Is this another trap to tell us we gonna have more CECAs? He calls this a “radical idea”, we call it bullshit.

After that this Jurong GRC guy decided to cry for the budget. Shawn Huang Wei Zhong, seriously? You cry to say you support the budget. Come on lah, make show also no need to make until like that. Tears are not used like that, even Mediacrap got better standards than you. (Watch the video here)

All these no-name free-riders from the GRCs are worse than their leaders! These clowns make our parliament a circus!

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