Beware Of Scammers Pretending To Be Real Estate Agents!!!

New tactic being used by scammers beware! These scammers take the pictures and information of real property agents and pretend to list houses for rent. After they convince you to pay deposit they will go awol.

One netter was unfortunate enough to have to go through this. He found a listing on and texted the WhatsApp listed on the website. The “agent” was quite pushy, talking about how there are a lot of people waiting to view the apartment now.

“I know I should have called or ask the person to video call with the room but he used ‘3 people are waiting to view now’ to push it. Hence I made the first month rental deposit without thinking. “

After that when he had more time to search, he found another property agent with the exact same details but using a different contact number. So he contacted this agent, only to find out that the first guy was a scam.

Of course, the scammer refuses to give him back his money.

Everybody be careful! If you see a listing you are interested in, you can always google for more information about the agent to see if they go by other contact number. A real agent will also be willing to hop on a zoom call with you or schedule a viewing.

Also, era’s e-mails end with “” not “”. Don’t fall for the trap.

This guy made a police report but the SPF hasn’t done anything about it.

“It has been few days and he is still scamming people around.”

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